About Us

Snehasadan is a non-governmental organization that provides a Home and a future for homeless street children in Mumbai, India. Over the past 49 years Snehasadan has been providing shelter for over 40,000 children. These homes have given them a chance to escape life on the streets, gain access to shelter, education and a future, and above all find a home and a family where before there was none.
“Without family nothing else matters, everything from the top to bottom falls apart or descends into chaos… the loss of home leaves a gap that can never be filled.”
- Family Matters by Rohinton Mistry


To provide every child on the street a home of love. To be a home for homeless children, regardless of caste or creed, provide a shelter for the numberless homeless orphans, waifs, destitute and delinquents who roam almost every quarter of India's "First City"