Ashraya (Chembur)
2nd floor,
KSt. Anthony's Road
Mumbai 400 072
Phone No: 2521 2899

Inaugurated in the midst of communal riots of Mumbai on 8th December 1992 this is a home of women and children who are forced to live on the streets as they have fallen prey to situations in their homes or are abandoned by their families or husband. The women are given domestic or other jobs according to their ability and shelter till they are confident enough to face the circumstances they are in and to think in which direction they would like to go in order to make their future strong and stable.


Project Bharati (Waliv)

It was started in 2005 for girls who were victims of sexual trafficking and have been rescued. The house provides them with shelter, personality development, therapeutic programmes, skill formation and academic classes to equip them to be independent and self reliant. Some girls have been rehabilitated and reinstated back into their families.