Kusum Vikas

To help children in vulnerable situations where the parents cannot give them a proper childhood and education Snehasadan has a special scheme called the "Kusum Vikas Scholarship Scheme".

If the child you are sponsoring comes under this scheme your money could be primarily paying for his or her school fees, books and uniforms as well as helping the family pay the rent and live together. Children are frequently tempted to play truant even though they may be good at their school work but if the sponsorship money is helping to pay the rent or food you can be assured that parents and relatives are on the alert to make sure that the child concerned is going to school as many absent marks could mean the loss of the scholarship allowance.

In some cases, Snehasadan may think it is advisable to keep a child in one of the Snehasadan homes until home life is suitable for a child.The bread winner may be hospitalized or in prison, the mother may have to be put into an asylum or there may be step parents causing hardship and unhappiness. In such cases the family situation is assessed from time to time and if possible the child is reunited with his or her family as soon as practicable.

Trying to argue with parents that time spent in school can be more fruitful in the long run than hours spent in cleaning floors and dishes, to earn a few rupees, is often an impossible task and the distant future is something that they cannot relate to nor visualize. The parents are conscious of the immediate problems of rent, food, clothes and kerosene for cooking hence to offer a regular stipend towards the rent provides the answer and allows the child to get a chance to complete school, go on for higher studies or find a suitable job.