To be a home for homeless children, regardless of caste or creed, provide a shelter for the numberless homeless orphans, waifs, destitute and delinquents who roam almost every quarter of India's "First City".


Snehasadan's aim is to reach out to the homeless children, find out what were the reasons for which they are on the streets, trace their families and reunite them with their families wherever possible.


Education is the ladder for the underprivileged to improve not only their economic but also their social status. Hence every possible opportunity is provided to the children to avail of formal or non formal education.


Technical or skill based training is provided to boys and girls according to their interest and aptitude like electrician, welding and fabrication, turners and fitters, motor mechanics, driving and so on.

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We are humans

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After completing their Xth standard every child undergoes aptitude and personality testing and career counseling by professionals in order to ensure that they enter into the line that is best suited for them. These tests are conducted in English, Hindi or Marathi according to the medium of each child, This has opened new avenues and opportunities.


Getting a secure, well paying job today is becoming increasingly difficult unless one is well qualified and groomed to become employable. Children from Snehasadan have secured jobs across the wide spectrum stretching from banks, nursing, teaching to hospitality, catering, motor mechanics, electricians, drivers and so on.


Having one's own house is the dream of most Snehasadan children, but with the skyrocketing reality prices in Mumbai this becomes almost an impossible dream unless they begin saving early. Children who have attained maturity and have taken up jobs are persuaded to save almost their entire salary to buy a house and become independent.


Lots of marriages take place at Snehasadan... possibly common backgrounds & similar experiences are what draw these young people to each other. However, none of these couples are allowed to rush into marriage.At Snehasadan even though it is love at first sight - it takes months and years before they actually tie the knot.

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