House Parents

Each house has House Parents who are a couple with children of their own who are reared together with the Snehasadan girls or boys. Separate homes are run for girls and boys, each housing 20-30 children on an average with ages that range from 5-18+.

The role of the house or foster parent is difficult. Caring for so many children who have come from a harsh street environment is an immense and demanding daily task. Foster parenting is a task that requires total dedication because the parents are not only there to replace the parenting figures lost for many children but also act as role models and teachers for the Snehasadan family. Some houses that donít have a couple to oversee the facility instead have religious sisters.

Snehasadan views it of vital importance that every foster home operates like a real family where the children feel safe and valued. House parenting is a 24 hour job which is extremely rewarding.

The concept of Snehasadan homes is so appreciated by the children that several ex-Snehasadan children have come back to Snehasadan as house parents.