Family Tracing

When a runaway child tells his or her story, Snehasadan works with the child to trace the family and reunite them, if possible. Snehasadan gives a lot of importance to family tracing. The organization has helped thousands of children relocate their roots, mend broken relations and restart with renewed faith in love and belonging. In some cases the child is able to return to his family in others the child makes his new home and future in the Snehasadan family. Going in search of oneís roots is an emotional, expensive but rewarding project especially when the loss is a painful one. Often families are overjoyed to receive back their children but there are also times when they are indifferent or even flatly disown their children.

Some Family Tracing Experiences

From Andheri to Vile Parle via Allahabad

Faroukh Khan

Twelve year old Faroukh Khan is a classic case of deception. Known as Shivam this child has a history of running away from home and has been in the Dongri Observation Home too. Re-uniting runaway children with their families is a priority at Snehasadan and hence was on the agenda for Shivam. We accordingly questioned the child about his home and were told that he belonged to a famous place in Allahabad and that his grandparents looked after him since his parents were no more.
After a train journey of almost 20 hours the escort and Shivam reached the spot and that's when the escort realized that he had been taken for a futile ride. Shivam was completely lost and unwilling to communicate. A crowd gathered around. The situation got heated and amidst a lot of weeping Shivam admitted that his parents lived in Vile Parle Mumbai. The family in Mumbai was in no position to look after Shivam's barest necessities and hence he continues to live in Snehasadan.

Mohammed Arif

Mohammed Arif left home for Mumbai with his brother who is a truck driver. His brother left Mohmmed to stay with his relatives in Govandi. Very soon his relatives began to ill treat him and physically abused him. He tolerated this for a while and one day he just ran away to CST and our outreach workers at Amchi Kholi picked him and assured him that they would reach him home.
The escort and Mohmmed boarded the train for Dasra which was already two hours late. On reaching Dasra they walked as fast as we could to catch a jeep that was to take them to Bedokala, Mohammedís residence. But alas the jeep was jam packed, no room even for a foothold. The next jeep was to leave after four hours. At this they decided to walk it, as the escort had to get back to board an early morning train to Mumbai. Midway along the way they say a jeep approaching. Mohammed mounted the top of the jeep while the escort perched himself at the back holding on the carriage with a vice like grip. The road was very bumpy and full of sharp turns. The ride was both a treacherous one and an experience to remember. Finally they reached Bedok and from there Mohammed's house was still an hour away. The Lord came to their rescue and sent a tractor. The driver was only too happy to take us to Bedkala.
On reaching his home both were welcomed and greeted by his friends and neighbors who ran to call his parents who were working in the fields. The mother hugged him and both began to cry. They welcomed them over a cup of tea and shared with the escort the reason that led to Mohmmedís running away. They thanked him profusely and pressed him to stay, but he had to catch his train and rush back.


Ismail. was a cute kid aged 10 who ran away from Aurangabad after his mother smacked him for refusing to do household chores. On reaching Aurangabad the escort and Ismail boarded an autorickshaw that took them right to his home. On reaching home his parents were ecstatic to see him. His father hugged him followed by his mother who began to cry as she took him close to herself. It was simply superb to see the joy on their faces and every one rejoicing over having found their lost son. Ismail's father than took the escort on a sight seeing tour to see Bibi Ka Maqbara a replica of the Taj Mahal it was an engineering marvel. His mother then treated him to a delicious meal with relatives and close friends. They seem absolutely content and overjoyed and insisted that he accept some money which he refused. He bid them adieu as he had to rush to board the train.